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It's a part of the hustle

Since I decided to pursue my dreams full time it has become INCREASINGLY hard to consider small budget or no budget projects.  Prior to this "career move" I was allot more willing to support certain projects just to help out if i believed in the piece or the persons potential, or if it was something i was missing on my resume.

While I know i can't afford to do some projects I still read them. Remember, I do this because I love it! I love it so much that sometimes I'm inspired to the point where I have to be apart of it.

Well, I submitted for two projects in particular that I just believed in. While they may have been lil/no pay something told me to do it!!! and what do you know....

I won't make this long and mushy but I'm glad I submitted for them :-)

One project is still in production so i can't speak much about it but I can say this. I've met an amazingly talented writer/actress. (I know I'm leaving out some of your credentials,lol) I truly appr…

Is it who you are or how your perceived?

My inspiration for this entry stemmed from a few diff. circumstances in my life that made me conjure this very question
“What message are you sending”?

There is a Cosby episode when Vanessa bought her much older fiancĂ©’ Dabnis bricky home to meet her family. Towards the end of the episode Cliff explains to them that the family never had a problem with Dabnis, they had a problem with, in fact how she presented Dabnis.
You see, nessa (as Dabnis called her) already thought before she introduced Dabnis that her family wouldn’t like him for whatever reasons, so she hid him from her family than suddenly popped up and made everyone feel awkward.
Cliff’s explanation was simply put.
“You can offer me my favorite dinner …steak, potatoes, veggies, whatever.You know it’s my favorite dinner, but if you serve it to me on a trash can top, I don’t want it!” It had potential to be my favorite, but your presentation killed it”

I’m so cautious these days about what I say to people. I don’t want to miss an opp…

Add it to my resume' baby

So My dude tells me that I'm going to need to have a flexible gig that pays well if I'm going to pursue my career. (duuhh, I knew that but I didn't tell him that :) He suggest Bartending. 
I listened,lol... It's official, I'm a California state certified bartender baby... Where should I bar tend?  Who do you know? Make the call, I'm good for it... 

No sugar: I've never enjoyed life so much. I want to say I'm scared but I'm not. I feel it! It's going to happen all according to God's promise. There's a scripture that says "you can't have faith withOUT works" I'm focus man.....

Sound issues!!! and QUOTE OF THE WEEK

OK, So I have no idea why the sound is delayed in video one. I was preparing to re-post when i realized i hadn't fixed the problem. I'll see if i can fix it some time today and re post if possible.

Thanks for the responses so far, keep em coming..


it's very very true that we walk through life with filters. Until something is primal in our lives, we have an ability to pay it no attention. I read something today that I have been looking at for a month yet never really noticed ...
"Maybe the past is an anchor holding us back, Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be"
My mom always says
God may not come when you want him to but, he's always on time

The proof is in the sacrifice
nikiva dionne

Video 1 or Video 2 or neither one

Ok So this is the meat and potatoes of why I created Nikiva Dionne please add sugar..

The video sharing. I hope this works out because, I am totally still on training wheels with this blog thing.

Today I took an extremely drastic step towards my dreams. I quit my job. I know, long story I'm not into detail sharing rite now. But, needless to say. I came home and I have been on my computer working for 6 hours straight. Every time I want to stop, i remember i don't have a job, and I keep going,lol..

But on my to do list for tomorrow was to work on my relatively new monologue tonight and be prepared to post the video tomorrow. Well, overly ambitious and feeling the burden of no definitive pay check, i started taping tonight.

Only, this is uncut!!!

No seriously, wife beater, hair pinned up, no make up uncut. I was going to let the hair down and make it real "model" like for the video but than I remembered.
MAKE THE TRANSITION NIKIVA.... U are not working on a…

Winter has to end, 4 Spring to begin

" The pressures on but guess who ain't goin crack, haha pardon me, I had to laugh at that. How could you faulter when your the rock of Jabraulta. I had to get out the boat so i could walk on water. This ain't no tall order this is nothing to me. Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week, I do this in my sleep...I'm not a business man, I'M A BUSINESS man"

My dude was playing this song recently and ever since then It fast became my anthom. My goodness, things have been happening constantly that force me to dig deeper and understand the very purpose behind them.

I was prompted to find a clever way to skirt around what I'm going through, while letting you know “i'm going through” but since this is please add sugar I can be straight up with yall.

Most of you know I have been in the fashion industry several years. I am an extremely hard worker and I have the promotions and raises to prove it. However, I have been struggl…