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'SO JADED' Trailer Premiere

I'm checking this one off of my vision board guys!!
  Issa Rae Productions presents

A buddy stoner comedy starring Brittany Perry Russell and NIKIVA DIONNE!
Issa Rae and Deniese Davis are premiering THREE PILOTS at Urban World film festival starting this week and I'm honored and BLESSED to be apart of one of them. 

Check out the Official Trailer for 'So Jaded' below!

I'll save all of my mushy commentary and all of my appreciation for when I can blog the actual full episode a little later this month. In the mean time, I hope you guys enjoy the trailer, comment, share, RT, Re-post, get everyone you know to watch it and let's start the SO JADED convo!!

Not many people get excited about using NEW TALENT in their projects. Everyone has to start somewhere and I will NEVER forget Issa Rae, Deniese Davis, Syreeta Singleton & Daven Baptiste for  being apart of my journey!

A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.                     …


Hey Guys, 
Check out my latest commercial to start airing! 
This spot was shot just shy of a year ago and I just got my hands on it. It's only airing in states where Bright House services (southern states) let me know if you catch it on the air. 
I remember every aspect of this job from each audition to the moment I wrapped. It cast from one of my favorite commercial casting offices and EVERYONE from the ad agency was stellar. One of the Execs even ran to catch me as I filled out paper work to see if I wanted to keep my wardrobe. 

Really pleased with this spot. I learned so much from this shoot. 
Humbled and truly Blessed to have the opportunity. This is another one of God's little reminders along this journey to keep me steadfast and unwavering. 
"Don't allow the visuals to override the vision"
Thanks for reading friends! Kiva

RELEASED from Another AVAILS, Really?

I'm laughing because the title is undoubtedly your first reaction each time, lol.
To any of my readers who are not in the entertainment business here is a quick crash course. You are placed on Avails by your Agent. They call and check your availability dates for a project you've previously auditioned for. It's like after your second interview, they give you the courtesy call to say you're still being considered and they have narrowed their candidates down to maybe you and one or two other people.

Now here is the thing, I went the first two years of my career thinking if I'm placed on avails, I'm booking this job. Until one day I started getting RELEASED from AVAILS. Now the first 3 times I was released happened within 2 weeks of each other and had me balled up in a fetal position lol.

Well, I was just released again. I'm not going to type it in caps anymore, I won't give it that much power,lol. Instead I'll say, it's apart of this business, you…


Hey guys,

It's been awhile since I've shared a great photo shoot experience with you guys. So here goes!

I needed head shots, again! lol it's never ending!

My Print Agent sent me a photog referral w/ an amazing deal.  I met with my other agents and we all agreed I should knock out these two mandatory looks so I did, with


Photog Info: Very professional communication prior to shoot, thorough and time efficient. When I arrived he sat w/ me and went over my agent notes, the looks & what I favored that he has done in the past. Next thing I know, the shoot was over! lol

I think it was a little over an hour for two looks, I received the link of images within a couple days and my agents loved the new shots.

I did however decide to use a favorite photographer of mine to do the editing. If you look at majority of my other shots, I'm not a fan of the 'perfect people' looking head shots. It's just too much pressure walking in the room, lol. Ho…