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Ooops, I Think it's Hard to LOVE ME!

Whenever I attended a wedding and the couple would say ,’it’s been a hard journey’ or ‘we’ve been through soooo much’ in the back of my mind I would think. What have yall been through? Why are yall, getting married if your already exhausted? Awww, I was so foolish! Lol.
I remember a time when I was really ‘EASY TO LOVE'. In terms of dating, what? Those guys in the beginning had it made. I didn’t require anything of them. I was determined to be independent because that’s what I saw my mom doing. I had a "can do", "watch me figure it out", demeanor and the only person I would ask for anything was my mother. Yet, I was giving ALL of myself in relationships. No wonder, I was always in a relationship, chile I was easy to love!! Same with friendships, I always paid my own way, I always drove my own car, People could always stay with me, I always picked up the phone and was ready to be a counselor, I was EASY TO LOVE!
But a few years back, I was ending a relation…

How to pronounce NIKIVA

Quick tutorial on how to pronounce 

Special Shout out to Shalyah Evans on Youtube!  I  saw her video and loved it. So I decided to film my own!
Hope you guys laugh.  Have an Amazing weekend and as always THANK YOU so much for your support!

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The proof is in the sacrifice Nikiva Dionne