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In the midst of planning my east coast trip I also needed to get some add'tl images as an attempt to piece together a new comp card for fitness/fit modeling.. The benefits of social networking is what made this effortless shoot possible. I met a photog on twitter who was looking to expand his port and after a few concept emails back and forth we decided to do a quick studio shoot with just two looks. My Modeling experience actually began in showroom modeling and with a flexible schedule it only makes since to re-market myself in that facet of the business. Therefore I'm creating a new comp card that caters to all things fit modeling. I'm looking to get back into a showroom, shooting 1 to 2 times per week for web, line sheet and showroom gigs.

 The shoot took less than 2 hours, I did my own hair and makeup and we got some amazing images. A few of the unedited proofs are attached tell us what you think, which one is your fav.. and if your interested in shooting with Iconi…

Hollywood 2b a Hooker

Ok so if you know me than you know how much I loveeeee Pretty Woman! However, I didn't realize I had a desire to be a "Street Walker" until a few weeks back. I literally met the team and shot this video in a matter of 2hours.

Only direction I received was to dress seductive and sexy.. Hilarious, I'm so not the 'sexy' chick n the club. But, i think I channeled my inner hooker. It's so much fun to begin using characters you have created your whole life. Now this didn't require dialogue but I literally hope you appreciate the inner nuances that were applied. From the walk, to the posture, to just the mannerisms and facial expressions. Yall, I love this acting thing and it's just so exciting to share.  Ps: Some of u have seen this "funky walk" before just with me being silly which is what makes this even more special. I've learned that acting isn't doing what you think your character would do, it's becoming the character. With e…