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2011:Preparation :: Lakers: Repositioning

If I had to title 2011 it would be The Year of Positioning and Preparation
Last years final blog entry I used a basketball analogy to convey my point. I had zero intentions on doing the same this year but hey it’s feeling good so I’m gonna flow with it,lol…
  I'll make the comparison between  2011:: this years Lakers
Im not expecting a ‘ring’ at the end of 2012 but I am expecting to experience some significant amounts of growth for long term stability.
Mike Brown::Full time Actress Mike brown has been a head coach before but it’s almost as if he’s a rookie coach now that he’s coaching the Lakers. It's as if he has a ‘substitute teacher vibe’ like he just doesn’t seem all the way capable but not quite a fish out of water either. Now this was my first full year of being a full time actress and child there were some days I’m sure I felt as Mike Brown did after that Xmas debut against the Bulls.  I’ve bombed some days, I’ve gotten call backs and no bookings, I’ve felt like I was in ov…