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Reality Check

My family guilt me into coming home for the holiday; After not visiting for an entire year it was a much needed and long over due trip. Since moving away at 18, this was the longest period I had stayed away from home. This past year has been so challenging that I didn’t have the confidence to go on vaca, in fear of missing a gig. Needless to say I was required to return early for a call back on a project I auditioned for prior to leaving LA. (It’s apart of the business)
However, I wanted to write this entry because I realized something that could very well be the entire reason God saw fit to make this trip a reality.
For years now, I begin each day with a to do list. More recently I have begun praying over my to do list in the morning before I start to tackle it. If I’m not acting, I'm auditioning, if I'm not auditioning I’m preparing to audition, if I'm not preparing I’m researching, I’m always doing something in reference to my career. I simply can’t afford a day off …