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This year was like a 'Lemon Head'

Ironically, LEMON HEAD was my nickname growing up, smh.  But honestly, SWEET & SOUR sums up my entire year in 3words, Lol.  I mean even down to the last two weeks of the year I’ve been forced to take every good thing along with something not so comfortable.
It's like God says,
I wanna make your hair grow like crazy in one year, ohh but u gotta take these THREE grey strands in your hairline as well.#AboveallyourGETTINGgetWISDOM
I’m gonna give you the thing you put on your vision board but it won’t happen AT ALL how you envisioned it. #mywaysarenotyourways
I’m going to make sure you have the busiest December you’ve had since you started acting but you’re also going to have 4 days to come up w/ those SAG fees #doyoutrustme
I’m going to give you the desires of your heart but since you don’t know how to surrender all, take these 3nights in ICU #inyourweaknessIAMstrong
And so on and so on and so on
But through it all I’ve learned the greatest lesson of all. It’s ALL about perspectiv…