This year was like a 'Lemon Head'

 Ironically, LEMON HEAD was my nickname growing up, smh.  But honestly, SWEET & SOUR sums up my entire year in 3words, Lol.  I mean even down to the last two weeks of the year I’ve been forced to take every good thing along with something not so comfortable.

It's like God says,

I wanna make your hair grow like crazy in one year, ohh but u gotta take these THREE grey strands in your hairline as well.  #AboveallyourGETTINGgetWISDOM

I’m gonna give you the thing you put on your vision board but it won’t happen AT ALL how you envisioned it. #mywaysarenotyourways

I’m going to make sure you have the busiest December you’ve had since you started acting but you’re also going to have 4 days to come up w/ those SAG fees #doyoutrustme

I’m going to give you the desires of your heart but since you don’t know how to surrender all, take these 3nights in ICU #inyourweaknessIAMstrong

And so on and so on and so on

But through it all I’ve learned the greatest lesson of all. It’s ALL about perspective oh wait, it’s also ALL about FAITH. Trusting God to be your first resource. Trusting HIM enough to say, I will call you first. I will seek your direction. I will surrender all to you. I'll only do what you tell me to do, who you tell me to call and when you say move, I will move.

I encourage every one of you guys to fight the feelings of heavy. As long as God’s an option there is always a rainbow of possibility. Hold out on the Good thing and wait for the God thing! Know that God is raising up the people who should be on your journey. God is revealing the 'YOUNESS' that will be necessary to have the IMPACT you’ll need for HIM. God is saying, this is all petty compared to the promises I have for you but if you can’t trust me with your petty, you won’t trust me with your plenty.  SURRENDER ALL, in the midst of….know that with every bitter there is sweet and your perspective will make each part of the journey sweeter!

I haven’t blogged as much this year but I pray, with each entry I’ve been honest to my assignment. I pray I’ve been obedient and I pray I have encouraged someone to believe in HIS MATCHLESS POWER and Do what HE says do because HE IS ABLE! I also pray that I’ve been able to introduce myself as not just an Actor and Model but more importantly as a Christian who is on assignment. Who truly sees the light in others dreams and wants to be a light in all of your lives.

HAPPY END OF 2014!! I ENCOURAGE you to be obedient to HIS word read HABAKKUK 2:2 and WRITE THE VISION, MAKE IT PLAIN!!!! Do a vision board this year, be specific, make every day deliberate by surrendering your WILL to HIS and allowing HIM to bless every desire of your heart.

Thanks for reading!

Nikiva Dionne


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