Video 1 or Video 2 or neither one

Ok So this is the meat and potatoes of why I created Nikiva Dionne please add sugar..

The video sharing. I hope this works out because, I am totally still on training wheels with this blog thing.

Today I took an extremely drastic step towards my dreams. I quit my job. I know, long story I'm not into detail sharing rite now. But, needless to say. I came home and I have been on my computer working for 6 hours straight. Every time I want to stop, i remember i don't have a job, and I keep going,lol..

But on my to do list for tomorrow was to work on my relatively new monologue tonight and be prepared to post the video tomorrow. Well, overly ambitious and feeling the burden of no definitive pay check, i started taping tonight.

Only, this is uncut!!!

No seriously, wife beater, hair pinned up, no make up uncut. I was going to let the hair down and make it real "model" like for the video but than I remembered.
MAKE THE TRANSITION NIKIVA.... U are not working on a monologue, for beauty, you are working to develop in acting (that was my inner thoughts,lol)

SO the video versions are below... let's do this!
THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO ME AND AGAIN THE PURPOSE OF ME STARTING THIS BLOG.. I want your feedback.. this is please add sugar, so be honest!!!
After watching both tell me

if u had a preference for video 1 or video 2?
Were they believable?
Did you hate both and should i just re post two new ones with the same monologue?
Tips! was it over the top? Did my horrible appearance distract you? Should i not post bed videos, if i want to be taken seriously,lol...or if i should find a day job quickly

video 1
video 2

Thank you guys for your in put so far and for those of you that are more challenged than I that have been commenting via text message, lol... i love u too! Look, I'm in HOLLYWOOD and i'd much rather have your honesty, than the lies that are served up left and right over hea...

So comment, send me your opinions and suggestions, tell your friends to comment (as they are less bias,lol)


know that God is moving you from Vision to FAITH... "I don't see it, but i have faith in it"




  1. I like the 2nd one sis. The 1st on didn't play good on my end so I didn't get the full effect because. You were waying the words on my computer before they actually came out like the Chinese movies, lol. I still think you did a good job on the 2nd one, more attitude to me.

  2. I loved it mama u looked rough as all fuck but we all know ur beautiful and u were spitting some serious game lol Im fitting to write some of that down lol lol but great jod shit i believed u lol

  3. lol, i have some simple friends...i love u dummies

  4. You quit your job??? Now that's gangsta, lol-- I can't see the videos because I'm at work, but when I'm at home I'll check it out. It's like fort knox trying to post a comment on your blog by the way; but finally I was giving access.

  5. lol.. i know rite, tell maddie move over,lol.. j/K!
    But yeah blog spot isn't the most user friendly, i'm finding...

  6. I like the 2nd one, which may be due to the fact that the audio/video was out of sync, so i could not get the full effect either ( it kinda seemed like you smiled more and were kinda natural with the 2nd one as well! Much success lady, and " miracles and blessings" as you would say :)


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