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Excuse me, What’s my motivation?

We all remember and have mocked that line from the 90’s Sprite commercial.
I used wiki how for the term ‘Self Motivated’ and I found the most amazing step by step HOW TO BE SELF MOTIVATED TOOLS. As I skimmed each tool I was able to recognizea few things.
1.How valuable the information is 2.That I personally am not the consumer, as I tend to be a consistently self motivated person 3.How little value I personally put on things that come naturally to me 4.How people become successful through maximizing their strengths to aid the opportunities of others.
Perspective: Self help books are the world’s best selling genre.
You ever had someone close to you tell you, how great a book is and how you must read it. Then when you sit to read it your thinking ‘Uhm , this is pretty practical’. Your closeness to someone has little to do w/ whether or not you will appreciate the same book. It has everything to do with who YOU ARE.
At 15 I took a modeling course and while the lessons were in etiquette, r…