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'Omgawd I'm Sorry'

What about that moment when you realize that God was ‘checking you’ all along? You know how your not suppose to judge. Well your really not suppose to judge, lol. Sometimes God shows you something in someone else only to reveal the same thing you posses in yourself. SMH, God I APOLOGIZE.
I am known to be brutally honest. Furthermore, I don’t expect from people what I don’t give myself. These, sound like admirable qualities rite? Well, with these principles in tact in MY LIFE, I wasn’t able to understand the ‘Deserving Spirit’. How do you expect someone to do something for you that you don’t do for yourself? How can you fault someone for not doing something they aren’t required to do?

Well what I didn’t like in others I was guilty of myself. I was a deserving Christian. God, I’m living right! Man I can run my Christian resume down and say with alllllll the giving I do, with allll the sacrifices I make, with allll the obedience I’ve been displaying, with allll the praying, interceding,…


Hi Friends I wanted to share a HEAD SHOT HOOKUP with you guys
Last Week I had the pleasure to shoot with JASON MITCHELL HEAD SHOTS
Guys the shoot was less than an hour. Jason said "I'm certain we got your shot" and let me tell you, that we did. Tooooo Many shots, I'm still attempting to narrow them down. Below is a sneak peak of the rough images I'm going through.

Jason has an amazing head shot deal he is offering. Check out his site, feel free to contact him and let him know I referred you. 
Photog: Jason Co: Jason Mitchell Head shots Website: Contact:
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