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Friend or Foe

It took several years to realize why friendships or relationships don’t last or seem to suddenly no longer fit. Going forward I’ll use friendships as an interchangeable reference to relationships as well.More often than not you hear “We have so much in common” Having something in common encourages an instant attraction or bond between two people. However, having things in common can have an expiration date. What if, suddenly you no longer like the thing that bonded you two in the first place? Or what if you realize yes we have the same career aspirations, yes we know some of the same people, yes we want similar end results but the manner in which one person is willing to go about achieving it, is enough to mask the common interest all together.
I believe Friendships must be established upon a mutual respect, morals and work ethic. If I respect your grind and you respect mine there is now a partnership a shared desire to see the other succeed. We want each other to win, we don’t deem …