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The set up, 4 MY step up

I Just realized I missed my CALIVERSARY :-( 
If u know me, u know I make everything a 'versary' reason being... I like to honor my obedience. The moment when God convicted my spirit to MOVE & I chose 2 follow him. Whether that instruction was for me to physically move from one state to another, to Love when I didn’t want to or know how, toleave a job, to apologize when I felt justified in my ‘wrongness’ or to push the glass back off the edge of the table.
I moved to California 6years ago on Feb 3.It took me 4.5 yrs to do what GOD sent me here to do. I’m on such a great assignment that I get bogged down and forget that the Hollywood sign is 5miles away, That years ago this was just a dream, that I’m living a dream that I fought for so long because it didn’t make sense. My journey hasn’t been the hardest but it surely hasn’t come w/out mounting opposition.
My email signature says “The proof is in the sacrifice” and lately sermons, scriptures, conversations have all mirro…