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Iron sharpens Iron

I read a pretty dope acting book recently and one of my major takeaways was COMPETITION. It focused heavily on trying to get actors, actress in particular, to be ok with competing. In fact, thrive off of competition. I’m probably one of the most competitive people I know and I can name sooo many times throughout life that my competitive energy was a direct reflection of my success.Similarly, of course ACTORS know we have to compete. We compete with hundreds of people a day, we face more rejection in a month than some people in a life time blah blah blah but what happens when suddenly you get something another actor didn't expect you to get? SHADE! thats what happens, tons of shade!
I HATE when you get to the place in a relationship with a fellow actor where suddenly it doesn’t work anymore. The conversations become all about what you/they have booked. It’s almost like people are perfectly willing to accept you how you are the day they met you but they don’t want to or either can’…