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How do you like LA?

There are some days if I were asked this question there would be a resounding HECK NO! This is one of those days. One of the days when you feel like you are misunderstood and under appreciated because you lack the desire to full fill a certain public persona. All I can think in my mind is, If I give people what ‘they want’ or what ‘makes them feel comfortable’ than I may never have the opportunity to actually give them ME. For someone who loves the person God made me to be, that would be DEATH.
WE are all on our own personal journey. I couldn’t imagine going back to Baltimore and trying to ACT like I’m the same person I was, when I’m not. The reality of it is, the people who LOVE YOU will respect the JOURNEY you are on. They don’t want or expect you to ‘put on’.However in Hollywood, people ‘PUT ON’ so much that people don’t know how to receive someone who doesn’t respond with the intention to please someone else. Ie: people pleasers.
When I was leaving NY and told them I was moving…