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It’s hard, but not because there aren’t enough roles, or I can’t find agents that get me, or any of the other ‘cliché’ reasons. It’s hard because IT’S LONELY! I’m starting to feel that I can’t trust anyone with my dream. The fact that I’m pursuing this dream according to his word, I’m easily offended when someone else doesn’t respect my ‘grind’. I’m offended because I DON’T HAVE A CHOICE, he chose me! What I do, just as well as what I won’t do, is a reflection of myobedience to Gods plan. It’s sad when something so pure, genuine and ordained by God has to be guarded from the very people that claim they LOVE HIM. I can’t believe that I have to hide God’s blessings from saints #heartbroken

These lessons are hard and they are hard because they are a prerequisite for what I will endure at the appointed time of his promise. Pastor Toure’ Roberts said
“Don’t step into this industry needing anything”
 You must be humbled and on assignment. My thought process is 'I don't have...becaus…