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It’s my Caliversary!
 California is everything you would imagine if you’ve never been here and it’s all because of the people who think they have to be a certain way now that they are here, lol. The people that have real money are the most modest, the people that are creating a buzz are the most arrogant, the people with nothing going on are the busiest and the people who are always networking are hardly ever really working. And the message God keeps giving me is, FALL IN LOVE WITH NOW! Y now God? Tomorrow surely has to be better than NOW right? Nope! RIGHT NOW the most important lessons are learned, NOW is where the most vital decisions are made, NOW is where strong foundations are being established. The phrase ‘You can’t do the same things and expect different results’ has finally taken on a new meaning for me. I can’t do ‘the same things’ that everyone else is doing and expect to get different results. 98% of Actors last year did not achieve a livable wadge. Yet these 98% of act…