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I took some L's but I wear em Well

Sometimes you have to lose in order to win. I am fighting every part of myself to not use a basketball analogy to shape the entire structure of this blog. I don’t wanna run the risk of losing all of my anti LAKER followers, lol.. So I’m making a conscious effort to get this message across without relating it directly to the NBA. :-)
However the same premise applies in Life and Basketball ohh and Love,ha (great movie BTW)
If I consider the things I Lost this year and the things I Won it becomes sooo obvious. I had to lose in order to win.
When I say this year was full of L’sthere’s an immediate negative connotation that I’m referring to the things I must have lost this year. But, when I put those L’s in perspective they shape the very things I value most at the end of the year
This past year I Loss things that at one time meant so much to me This past year ILaughed the tears away This past year I fell in Love with Gods promise This past year I’m finally Living my dreams This past ye…


AAIGHT!!! So this monologue was the first one i posted on NIKIVADIONNE please add sugar..This is TAKE#2 and I think It's almost ready for "the room" (insert horror music here) . LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, Hate it or love it..

Girlfriend 2nd version from nikiva dionne on Vimeo.

Ohhh and HAPPY HOLIDAYS sorry I'm a scrooge this year, Grind central over here.. But, I wish you all many Miracles and Blessings.. I'll be posting a New Years Entry soon. Thanks for reading and sharing.

"The proof is in the sacrifice"


Where does the novelty go?

I remember when my apartment lease was up for renewal. I  was dreading the thought of looking for a new place but I had one in mind that I had my eye on for quite some time, so I went for a tour.  I fell in love with the place. I WANTED IT! There was some back and fourth about the price I was quoted, it looked like I wasn’t going to get it for the price I wanted which was already an increase over my current rent. I prayed on it, I went into I WANT IT MODE and I got it. In my mind I was so hell bent that because I got what I wanted and I thought this was Gods will for me, I wouldn’t do certain things to jeopardize the happiness I’d experience there. No one could stay with me, I had certain things in my mind for my new place etc etc

Fast forward over a year later the place I had to have, I’m fighting to keep. The payments are later each month, I’m not enjoying the amenities because I’m insecure about paying late. So I don’t lay by the pool, I don’t work out, I don’t go to the busine…