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48hr film-The Gentleman Carpenter

I received a call to be apart of a short being entered into a 48hr film festival. I've worked with the director before and I was honored to be apart of another one of his projects. Basically, I received the script Saturday morning and shot my scenes Saturday afternoon and 2 days later I had an email with the completed 7min. short.

 If only EVERYTHING happened so smoothly and quickly. lol Just kidding,kinda. Special kudos to the entire team of sleep deprived professionals. I had a blast shooting with this group of people and look forward to working with them again.

 Well check out the short below and give me your feedback

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation,  by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your  requests to God  philipians 4:6
I’m fighting this anxious spirit, yall. I’m becoming anxious at times and it’s not for someone to believe in me and it’s not because I don’t want someone else to stop believing in me. It’s not about ME. It’s honestly because, I have proclaimed Jesus's promise, grace, mercy and power for so long. I have went through phases where I’ve given up executive mgmt positions, given up my place, given up certain relationships; than moved into a phase of taken. Where it seems like things are being taken away. Yet, all I’m thinking is, God I KNOW what you promised me and if you don’t bless me soon, someone’s gonna stop BELIEVING in you. Someone isn’t gonna believe my smile. Someone is going to stop listening to my words of encouragement in you, Someone is going to say If God told her to pursue this why is she barely surviving? If her Faith is so stro…