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Check out the below video, it's a promo I shot for a new TV show on FX called Horror House Calls

Dear Hollywood, I have no $.. can I still make it?

I had an epiphany this morning when I read a headline about Kim K’s wedding location tomorrow.. My mind immediately went on a world wind, thinking Why does anyone care? Well, light bulb!!! But, I’ll get back to that
So Twice in the last six months or so.. I’ve booked a gig, been confirmed,then was released.. I’m talking about, receiving all the praises of how perfect I am for the job and how glad they found me, than within 32hrs. I’m released, 'they are going in another direction but hope to work with me in the future' :-/ Now this entry really isn’t about that, it’s more about the ME in that scenario
So this is ME: The second I book a job I write my ideal situation list. I write what I need to have/ do to make sure I offer the best performance for the shoot. Which means, I may need to buy a wig, to do my own hair, to buy certain under garments, to prep certain things etc. I’m organized almost to a fault, because I prepare for a shoot that I was confirmed for …


This day will always be one of the most special days of my life.  It’s the day I made a definitive decision to listen to God’s promise. There’s a famous quote that I’ve always appreciated and it says 
“When the world is loud, God will speak in a whisper”
In the middle of a recession, a year after most of my closest friends had lost their jobs and were still seeking full time employment,  7months left in an apartment least that was already hard to pay, A year and 4 months left on a luxury car lease, with everyone saying don’t quit- make em fire you so you can get unemployment, sue them, your boss is conspiring, go to the big boss.. etc. etc. etc…  Not only did I quit but I also turned down a management position with another brand.
I did the one thing that made sense to NO ONE yet it appeared to be the only decision for me. I left my job as a senior manager, with out another job; But, with an unwavering FAITH.
I’ve said this before but When God calls you, You have to move. I remem…

Hey Actors have you checked out CAZT ?

I'm pretty excited about today's post because so many of my Blog followers are fellow actors. So I hope this helps..

Each morning I have a ritual.. I do NOTHING before I check my submission sites. I'm not represented Theatrically so self submissions is really the only way I get a chance to read for TV or film roles. Well I recently added a new site to my "morning ritual" that I check religious.. and i also started following them on twitter .. this way I can get casting updates ALL DAY.

I'm sure most of you guys have auditioned at the CAZT location in Hollywood, well I personally get extremely excited when I audition there because I know they will post my audition on my CAZT site. It's been said that every actor does their best audition in the car on the way home from the audition. Well, now that I'm a member of CAZT I can SEE what I ACTUALLY did in the audition. When I tell you this helps me tremend…