This day will always be one of the most special days of my life. 
It’s the day I made a definitive decision to listen to God’s promise.
There’s a famous quote that I’ve always appreciated and it says 

“When the world is loud, God will speak in a whisper”

In the middle of a recession, a year after most of my closest friends had lost their jobs and were still seeking full time employment,  7months left in an apartment least that was already hard to pay, A year and 4 months left on a luxury car lease, with everyone saying don’t quit- make em fire you so you can get unemployment, sue them, your boss is conspiring, go to the big boss.. etc. etc. etc…  Not only did I quit but I also turned down a management position with another brand.

I did the one thing that made sense to NO ONE yet it appeared to be the only decision for me. I left my job as a senior manager, with out another job; But, with an unwavering FAITH.

I’ve said this before but When God calls you, You have to move. I remember going into the bathroom of my store and getting on my knees and just saying.. “ You are making me uncomfortable here for a reason, just tell me what you want me to do, I’ll do anything for you” in the next few days I also asked everyone I respected for advice. Yet in my spirit, I was just waiting on his confirmation.

A year later and I’m celebrating my “DREAMAVERSARY” I completed the lease on my apartment and God saw fit to give me an even better apartment for less money. I’m within 2months of completing the lease on my car.
I have a commercial agent, I’ll be SAG eligible within 2 weeks,  I’ve starred in a play, flown to Las Vegas to shoot a commercial, Updated my entire portfolio, I’m the face/body, of  three websites etc. etc. and I’ve met some of the most amazing people. God raised people up, and he has taken people away, and he has been my strength on days of doubt. I am living my dreams and while I always knew God had a purpose for my life, I didn’t know how it would come to pass when life held so many expectations for me as well. I didn’t know the formula to follow your dreams when you have responsibilities.

This has been the most honest year of my life. I remember when it hurt to hear ‘you don’t have a job?’ I mean, how could it not? I had worked every year from the time I was 11years old up until last year.. I didn’t know how to be received when I didn’t have what society says makes you a successful citizen.

I don’t want to continue on and on but I want one thing to sit in your spirits after reading this. Everyone has a different walk, There is no formula, There is no wrong way or rite way, All 365 days have not been glorious but I have never been more proud of Kiva. Ohhh and It’s a lonely road when you follow God. But, what I know without a shadow of a doubt is, I don’t deserve the credit for anything but finally listening to his promise. God deserves the glory and I praise him with every part of me.

As I begin year two, I can honestly say there is a proclivity to be hesitant but, there is proof in the last year of my life. He’ll make my dreams all come true when he knows I’m prepared to handle them and give him the praise. After all, our gifts are gifts from God and it’s our job to offer those Gifts to the world.. that’s how we honor him by living through what he has given us. It’s not about me, it’s about the work he’s doing in and through me.

Thank you for being apart of this journey and If I’ve been a horrible friend this year please forgive me and know it’s because I’m finally being a better daughter to God and I’m learning how to make everything that should fit, fit..

 Now, I have something special in mind to commemorate my ‘Dreamversay’   and I’ll blog about it once I do it.. hehehe...

No Sugar: I had managed to be successful at so many things and to effect and inspire people while losing the inspiration w/in myself.. but, God... It's amazing how letting go releases his power in your life. 

Thanx for reading


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  1. I love this and its right on time for me im going through a similar situation and ive always said there's not an exact blueprint to success, everyone's path will be different wow so Congrats on the milestone and continued success on your journey


  2. That means so much from you Carlos.. Thanx for being so supportive and always sharing your feedback.. As an artist you understand totally how important it is to us, especially on our 'off' days.. Thanx again and I'm so excited about your future, glad to be apart of your journey

  3. Hey girl. As always I enjoy every word of your thoughts. Your ending quote about sacrifice has been relevant in my journey as well. I've always thought sacrifice to be mandatory for success. My internal quote has changed a bit to "we must cry tears of loneliness at night to enjoy the rewards of discipline (sacrifice) in the morning". This can be a lonely road we walk but we both find comfort in the Lord. I'm always encouraged by your blog and look forward to a bigger year to ahead for you.

  4. Thanx for reading BJ and for always sharing your insight and support.


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