Ok so below is a new video that I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK on. I think I really love this monologue.
This is my FIRST rendition of it. If you guys think it's naturally good, meaning it's already believable, than i'll continue to work on it an develop it into an audition piece. 

When I was taking scene study classes our instructor before she gave any feedback would ask the class... Did yall believe her? After all, that's what this is about. Was the performance convincing? Did this person appear to be someone who is going through this situation.

These days I'm really working to find monologues that I'M IN LOVE WITH, that I can 'go into' at the drop of a dime, if i run into a director and they wanna see something. (yeah, I do stuff like that.. )

I remember i auditioned for a runway show in time sq. in front of espn zone and duane reade. LMAO I booked the show... so heyy

1st rendition from nikiva dionne on Vimeo.

Listen, i've said this before but post like this is what i had in mind when I created this blog. I wanted to produce raw videos and new images and get feedback from u guys that is honest and sincere.

No Sugar: Comment! how do you feel about this piece? What u like about it, what u hate about it

thanks so much for following 'NIKIVA DIONNE please add sugar' i must say- this blog brings me joy...

if u guys like it I'll add it to the ACTION tab!

"the proof is in the sacrifice


  1. Good Job! Real Emotion & I believed you. Will u edit this down if you have to perform it in person?

  2. Thanks T. Yeah I wanted some feedback on it b4 i start working on it some more. If it's worth it I can chop it up to an acceptable time frame.. Thanks so much for watching, you rock!

  3. girl i was drawn in. very believable. i was sitting at my desk with my elbows on the table, chin in my hands, watching with complete interest. you are great. i'm a big fan of great acting in films, and i think you got it girl. i felt like it was true and felt pain for you! great job. can't wait to see more from you. xo!

  4. RITA!!! your amazing, thanks so much. It's always SOOOO nice to get a message from you. My goodness in such a short time you ladies of FYC really made such an amazing impact on me. I luv u and thanks for your feedback it means the WORLD to me. Ps: Your comments means so much being as though u always have feedback about movies usually after the weekend,lol.. miss ya much it's been sooo long

  5. well you made such an impact on all of us in such a short time as well. we all wish the best for you and know that you have that certain something that is going to take you all the way to the top! xo

  6. girl merry christmas!


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