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Life of an Artist

If you are an artist (in every and any sense of the word) expect to be consumed without payment, desired without deposit, Admired without appreciation, Loved without commitment. There is absolutely not way to place a price on that which you share from the depths of who you are. What you do, you do from a souls yearning to pour out; from a desperate need to feed. You will never get enough likes, enough downloads, enough shares, a contract big enough, an opportunity unique enough, a timeline without delay. Like a car that depreciates the moment it leaves the lot, so is the expiration clock of what you finally produced. Whether it took your 10 years, 2months, 1week, or an instant upload, you poured out and you must be filled up. Word to the wise, pour out from your overflow never from your reserve.

Leave em in AWE
Nikiva Dionne