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Pardon me God? Was that a NO?

I've started 4 different blog entries and haven't finished one. I haven't finished a complete thought or come to a conclusion about any of it. So I know I NEED to write. It's a release and I just know it will help someone, somewhere, somehow. uughhhhh

A few years back I finally got a tattoo and it says FAITH. I don't want anymore, It was a reminder to myself. I asked God one night while driving, to tell me what I needed to succeed. He said FAITH. Ever since, I've warn it as a badge of honor. I've fought for it. I've told others to get it. I've prayed for faith. I've actually developed faith in some crazy areas of my life. Yall, I've only survived somethings by FAITH! If you only knew what I meant when I said that.

Anyway, here I am through every test, every trial developing this blind FAITH. I think I knew, I would have to apply faith in different ways. But yall when your loss goes from material possessions to losing your health to losing p…