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Ok so below is a new video that I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK on. I think I really love this monologue. This is my FIRST rendition of it. If you guys think it's naturally good, meaning it's already believable, than i'll continue to work on it an develop it into an audition piece. 
When I was taking scene study classes our instructor before she gave any feedback would ask the class... Did yall believe her? After all, that's what this is about. Was the performance convincing? Did this person appear to be someone who is going through this situation.
These days I'm really working to find monologues that I'M IN LOVE WITH, that I can 'go into' at the drop of a dime, if i run into a director and they wanna see something. (yeah, I do stuff like that.. )
I remember i auditioned for a runway show in time sq. in front of espn zone and duane reade. LMAO I booked the show... so heyy

1st rendition from nikiva dionne on Vimeo. Listen, i've said this before but post like …

Hair Advertisement

The pic. above is the home page for  I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I went to the site and saw this
 The images below are advertising this fabulous lace front.. that needs to be added to my collection ASAP, lol

The below image is a poster image for 18"clip ins.. whoop whoop

There are other images on the site with different wigs and I believe they are still updating and adding add'tl images. This shoot was for a wholesale manufacturer, so the general public can NOT purchase these styles from WEST BAY they can however be purchased from any wig/hair supply store that bought them.

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These images can also be found on the CAMERA tab



I’ve been wanting to blog all week however I haven’t felt inspired. I know it sounds stank, for lack of a better word, but I’ve been in a weird place. I can’t say “nothings” going on but I don’t know if I’ve been centered enough to “respect” what’s going on. Needless to say, I felt inspired last night.
So Tyrese (actor/singer) tweeted an interview with Beyonce and Oprah that I believe took place over a year ago.  I took away one thing from the entire 14min interview. Beyonce said  “I sacrificed a lot growing up, I didn’t go to proms and games so I think I’ve worked hard and earned my success” that was a paraphrase.
Last week I had intentions on going back home to Maryland to surprise my mom for her birthday and also attending my high school annual rival football game.  I had some things in the works but I never make a definite move until I am CERTAIN I won’t miss an opportunity. Long story short, I wasn’t able to leave.
Needless to say, so much comes with following your dreams but t…