A Baltimore native this quick-witted girl next door, is blessed with glamour girl moments and a delightful hometown charm. Raised by her mother and older sister, as the baby and “family fool” she often entertained her family anyway she could, craving their attention and approval. Following her mothers wishes she pursued a degree and a successful career in NY’s fashion industry, which also birthed an introduction into a Modeling career. A life in entertainment seemed undeniable for this aspirational, bundle of personality and she was ultimately on her way to Hollywood. Currently a full time SAG/AFTRA Actress, Model and Host Nikiva Dionne offers an unparalleled work ethic and a learning spirit that makes her a desirable new talent.

Currently Airing: Nikiva Dionne has Co-Starred in The CW's Jane The Virgin and NBC's hit series THIS IS US.  She is also recurring in ABC's Season two of Secrets and Lies as Tina Sawyer. Nikiva also made her Amazon debut in the highly anticipated Amazon Original Series season two, final episode of Hand Of God. 

                                                    In her own words Nikiva Dionne attributes her potential to
Nikiva Dionne
 “Born and raised in Baltimore I saw talent all around me with no outlet. I watched some of that talent die. I watched some of it written off as a childhood dream. My mother pushed me to leave my comfort zone. In moving to New York I realized dreams didn’t die because you grew up, they died because you gave up or because they weren’t nurtured and supported. I learned how much the world had to offer but also how competitive it would be. I got smarter, stronger, and more hungry. I began aspiring for things I once never knew existed. There (NY) I learned I could compete and how to do it. No longer afraid of my dreams I embraced them and headed to Hollywood. I’m living my dream. Once God puts his hand on you, you just have to move and sometimes that means literally move and go into a land where HE will show you.” 
–Nikiva Dionne

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