It's a part of the hustle

Since I decided to pursue my dreams full time it has become INCREASINGLY hard to consider small budget or no budget projects.  Prior to this "career move" I was allot more willing to support certain projects just to help out if i believed in the piece or the persons potential, or if it was something i was missing on my resume.

While I know i can't afford to do some projects I still read them. Remember, I do this because I love it! I love it so much that sometimes I'm inspired to the point where I have to be apart of it.

Well, I submitted for two projects in particular that I just believed in. While they may have been lil/no pay something told me to do it!!! and what do you know....

I won't make this long and mushy but I'm glad I submitted for them :-)

One project is still in production so i can't speak much about it but I can say this. I've met an amazingly talented writer/actress. (I know I'm leaving out some of your credentials,lol) I truly appreciate her spirit, you just know when you've met a good person . Ms. K. Ceakou is an inspiration and a person that makes me proud to make decisions I loveeeee. I can't wait to finish shooting this short so we can share it with you guys. In the meantime check her out
Another project was for a handbag designer.  I'll share with you guys more about this designers line later but I wanted to shout out an AMAZING photogod (photogod= amazing photographer).
                                                     :::: Nijee of D Magi Visual Concepts::::

In a 45 min. photo shoot in 100degree weather in about 20 head shot frames he captured an AMAZING head shot that I am truly proud of... In just one quick shoot and a couple short phone convos, I've learned so much that I can't wait to shoot with him again..

NO SUGAR: Sometimes you have to take a step back to go 2 steps forward.
                            "if you can Afford to do it, Afford to do it"

 Give me your feedback on the head shot, let me know what u think..

If you want more info about either of these amazing individuals let me know..

Nijee and I Collab

"The proof is in the sacrifice"


thanks for reading guys, I appreciate you


  1. Like I said, "A Beautiful shot of a Beautiful Woman". You were a joy to work with. Next time, it will be even better. I will be able to dedicate some serious time to you.

    Until next time,
    Najee Williams
    D'Magi Visual Concepts

  2. Cousin;Congrads! Glad to see you get your feet wet in film and get that reel going; hope it leads to much much more ;)

  3. WOW you look amazing mama for the first time in a long time Im at a lost for words you look great babe Im so very proud of you keep doing your thing cause you look damm good doing it lol

  4. Ceakou

    Here it is: (Post the following please)

    Lady Diva - And I mean that in its purest sense.

    Please allow me to indulge for a moment here:

    You approached my project as if it was a role for a major feature film. Your take on the character was insightful and pulled her off the page and made her into a real person.

    Arriving early to the set, being well prepared and ready to be totally immersed in the role - crystallized your commitment level to professionalism in my eyes.

    I am an ACTION writer with characters that leave a resonating presence. My goal is to create character driven stories with KICK ASS ACTION.

    And you got that IT-FACTOR!

    Let’s keep pushing.

  5. Thanks so much for the feedback guys. I don't think you realize how much your insight means.

  6. I love this blog so much!

  7. awww that's kool.. thanks a bunch.. i'm gonna have to bother u, to show me how to upgrade my page, so it can be as flyyy as yours. thanks sb, means allot man


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