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Platform 4 a Purpose

The blog is mainly still active because I genuinely believe that someone is/will/has been inspired by it. When I began acting I quickly learned that it is about 10% of what it actually looks like, lol. I've made a conscious effort since day one to offer 'my' accurate depiction of this business and what it requires.

    Recently I was blessed to be in a room with some of the most influential people in the business. I went to an Emmy event and I felt like, African Americans were not only grossly under represented but those who were present, a number of them, were OK with that. Now, that is a huge 'assumption' but here is why I felt that way. If you are a minority and you attend a predominately Caucasian University, the moment you see another minority you inadvertently 'light up' like a Christmas tree.  Whether the relationship with you and your 'kindred complected person' evolves is irrelevant; I'm speaking solely in regards to the initial …