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Why Haven't you Answered Me?

I remember some years ago a friend needed a job. Well he made it to church weekly throughout this time of uncertainty and when he received that which he was praying and trusting God for he was there that first week to say thank you, Lord. However, as weeks progressed he couldn’t make it, he was tired, had to work, etc.
Imagine for a moment that maybe God hasn’t answered your prayers because if he did you’d stop praying.
Well I heard a sermon about what happens when 97% of ur prayer life changes.If suddenly your prayers aren’t for healing because you’ve been healed. Of they aren’t for financial stability because money is no longer an issue. How do you go to God when you don’t need anything tangible from him?
Or what if the very first time u asked God for something, he was pleased that you knew to ask him for it so he began working on just how to give it to you.Maybe he wanted to give it to you rite away but you weren’t able to receive it because you weren’t able to handle it appropri…

Jesus was homeless 2

This past week I’ve been to *Panera to use Internet and eat. *The mall because they have air and comfy chairs to read in *Every friends event because I have nowhere else to be 
and I’m currently dressed in my Sundays best including a $1,000 pair of shoes and NO place to take em off or even take a nap after church on a Sunday.Yes, I thought of selling the shoes, the bags, the clothes but God said no. (he only puts on me what I can bare, lol) Humbling but Promising times. I’m so full of his promise that it’s hard to be consumed with my current reality.
Btw my reality is,I’m knocking on 30 w/ two degrees from Berkeley, a resume and skill set that could wrap around the block, yet I’m homeless.I find God hilarious that he put it on my heart months and months ago to begin feeding the homeless, only for me to find for the first time in my life, I too am now homeless. He is something else.
When I started serving on skid row I was dumb founded when I realized I was praying prayers for other…