Why Haven't you Answered Me?

I remember some years ago a friend needed a job. Well he made it to church weekly throughout this time of uncertainty and when he received that which he was praying and trusting God for he was there that first week to say thank you, Lord. However, as weeks progressed he couldn’t make it, he was tired, had to work, etc.

Imagine for a moment that maybe God hasn’t answered your prayers because if he did you’d stop praying. 

Well I heard a sermon about what happens when 97% of ur prayer life changes.  If suddenly your prayers aren’t for healing because you’ve been healed. Of they aren’t for financial stability because money is no longer an issue. How do you go to God when you don’t need anything tangible from him?

Or what if the very first time u asked God for something, he was pleased that you knew to ask him for it so he began working on just how to give it to you.  Maybe he wanted to give it to you rite away but you weren’t able to receive it because you weren’t able to handle it appropriately.  What if God’s blessings are like the movie crash, one moment in time, one decision, would delay the inevitable. 
I remember telling a friend, as long as u have the wrong man in ur life, the rite man can’t enter. What if that is why God hasn’t answered those prayers we’ve been praying for? 

Imagine if our prayer went from

“ God, I know I’m a good woman and I deserve a good man and I keep meeting knuckle heads. Can you just give me a man worthy of my time a man that appreciates me”

and instead we said

“God my heart is broken. I don’t know how to love again, at this point I feel like I have nothing else to give anyone. Honestly God, I’ve tried so hard to love everyone and I fall short. Yet, ur love is unconditional and I’ve never taken the time to love you the way you love me.  I just want to know you deeper. I want to know love as you love, I wanna give love w/ ur heart. I want to love you better!”

I’ve always known I had to live rite, but I’m just learning I have to pray rite!

What if what we want, is in learning how to GIVE the very thing we want ourselves.

I don't want a please and thank you form of prayer relationship with God.  Just like I don’t want anyone in my life who just calls when they need something from me. My ‘DESIRES’ are for him and through seeking him my desires are aligned with him and he in turn gives me the desires of my heart.
This way as God answers my prayers I never run out of ways to pray to him. I never lose my desire and need to speak with him. My prayers are to align myself for God's will for my life.

That moment of realization that you are living what you forgot you had asked God for, is breathtaking. God I’m giving you no choice but to bless me.

Thanks for reading

"The proof is in the sacrifice"
           Nikiva Dionne


  1. Amazing post lady! This was a wake up call, reminder, reineration, light bulb... I could go on...for me. So very blessed that GOD put things in motion for us to meet. Love you and so thrilled at what GOD is doing in your life ... In our lives.


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