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I went from having nothing to say, to having too much to say. It’s awesome how God can just fill you up to where u feel obligated to share a revelation or deliverance or even a mere hope. I’m gonna keep this short because I don’t want the length to deter anyone from reading it ;-)
“I admit Lord that I enjoy it but I love you more and I’m more concerned with my destiny in you and I won’t let anything come in between it. “ After I admitted that to the Lord I began to HATE that THING, it became an enemy- pastor toure

In short the sermon I heard told me that this ‘issue’ was keeping me from my destiny.The mere reality that I was asking God to take away what I was still holding on to, whether it be a past relationship, a habit, a desire. I disliked it but I have to hate it, to be delivered from it.
Romans 8:19 says “ For the Earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.”
I read last week that the man that knows receives more lashes than the ign…


Ok so MANY LA ACTORS are pretty stank with their 'hook ups' and if your one of them, consider this
                                            "What GOD has for ME, is FOR ME"

I did a one hour shoot with a couple quick looks today and the photog is doing FREE 2 look head shots for the next few weeks. These are the sample shots I have w/out even going through them and seriously editing and picking my favs. My agents haven't even picked yet, but I wanted to show u a preview of his work. If your interested in shooting with him, shoot me an email or DM on twitter with your email and I'll give you his info and the specifics.

I usually post Photog info directly on my site but because this is a FREE SHOOT there are a few things I wanna share with whoever is interested before giving his info out.

PAY IT FORWARD!!! we can do more together than we can apart

"The proof is in the sacrifice"