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I Probably Can't Help YOU Decide

Recently my mother told me “I didn’t worry about you in college because I knew you made GOOD DECISIONS honestly, I wanted to feel a since of pride but I immediately remembered all the foolish decisions I’ve made. Lol
But here is what I’m learning at this very moment. When you make decisions sometimes it’s not an issue of making a good decision. You need to ask yourself, Am I making a decision based on a perceived need I currently have?
For example, I can recall a time I dated someone who I knew wasn’t ‘the one’ even before I agreed to date him. But, you know what he was. He was POSITIVE. He had dreams bigger than mine, He had a ‘can do’ attitude concerning anything. When I spoke to him about something, I walked away inspired. Believing in myself. He believed in me. He didn’t compete with me. And at the time he asked me ‘to go steady’ lmbo I needed that! You see, I had been THAT for so many other people for so long, I needed someone to be THAT for me! Or so I thought.
The guy I dated…