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Kiva work on 'BEING' and let others BE!

Have you ever felt you were completely resolved on a situation only to find yourself confronted with it again to learn, YOU WERE ACTUALLY WRONG? I heard a sermon this week that made me realize I had been wrong in my approach and/ or communication w/ some people in my life. I needed to examine the aspects within relationships/friendships where I’m strong as well as where I need to develop. Some of which was
1) Who in your life is testing WHERE U R? Now, I was all for this part. Oh yeah, I’m miss accountability. How can you not respect my honesty? If we are friends, If I love you, I owe you my honesty! I have no problem telling others the truth. I see the best in what you can be and if I see u screwing up ohh yeah, I’m going to tell u! (Ok, miss know it all!)
2) If relationships are built on transparency than a huge part of that is “Making it easy for people to be honest with you” I’m realizing RITE now as I type this entry that I should have fully grasp this about a month ago with anot…

Happy Cali-versary KIVA, but some things have to DIE now!

Today is my 5year Cali-versary! Eeekkkk!! It doesn’t seem like it’s already been 5years.. yet so much has happened that it seems like 10years, lol..
I went to mid week church service and the sermon was about how you have to DIE to something(s).. I’ve heard sermons in the past with the same premise or concept and they’ve always been the ones that stuck out to me and compelled my spirit to re-evaluate those around me. I think its because I have a slight fear of walking totally away from people. I’ve shared with you guys in the past how my dad and I stopped speaking many years ago  and sense then I’ve never wanted to feel like this will be the last conversation I have with so and so… Now this is not to say some people haven’t ‘died’ to me but this is basically saying there are times when it’s easier to identify what NEEDS to die and other times when the memory of what was or could have been makes it harder to allow something to die. 
However, when I consider the times I was forced to…