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So, That's what Out of Alignment Feels Like!

For months I labored over where I went wrong; with a particular incident. I was so confused w/ God for months. I mean night after night, I was like "Jesus what's up? I listened. I was obedient, what in the entire world is this foolery about?" I think I got it.

  I stopped making good decisions and I started making decisions that other people wanted me to make. I knew who I was, so I didn't think making a decision someone else needed me to make, would actually be a bad decision. It was and as a result I was out of alignment. It's the 'please place your oxygen mask on first before you try to assist someone else with their oxygen mask' principle.

   I got prideful. I have a tendency to think I'm placed in every one's life to 'save them'. I'm not God. I'm a good person, but I'm not God. I have to remind myself that it's not my job to be someones saving grace. That I'll never be able to fix someones problems. I'm cal…