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How to ‘play’ M.I.A

I’ve been starting my day with gratitude for the past few weeks. It was in a devotional I read and I tried it one day and realized how much it effected my day so now I do it each morning. It makes me realize how many things I take for granted. While I stayed home in my mothers bed on vocal rest. I watched Criminal Minds, Forensic files and other procedural shows with my nieces and expressed how much I’d like to play a detective on one of these shows. Now, I’m not from one of the best neighborhoods but every neighborhood just as every family has it’s own particular brand of ‘crazy’. What’s normal to your family/neighborhood isn’t so normal to other families/neighborhoods.  For instance, after a crime has occurred there is always a neighbor interviewed who says “I can’t believe this happened here” and it pisses me off. Because, the world is NO LONGER the community it was in the 60’s. You don’t know everyone in your neighborhood. You didn’t grow up with your future husband. People mov…


Hey Guys,

I'm so excited to share this headshot shoot with you all. I've needed 'curly hair' head shots for so long and I finally found the perfect photog to capture the specific 'commercial look' I was seeking. 
About the shoot: Super quick- a little over an hour for 5 LOOKSPhotog is really easy to shoot w/. In studio session w/ tightly cropped, crisp clear imagesThe pictures were beautiful before retouching but after Shaun retouch them,  they were perfect! Not overly retouched. For ex: I have bad allergy eyes and he retouched my eyes without removing all of the texture. So I still look like myself which means I look like my new head shots :-)Color- I typically have issues w/ my complexion in pictures. I rarely feel like I look as pale, in person, as I do in pictures. My skin tone in these shots look even and realistic. Selection process is very user friendly and professional through his website, no argentum fees!

I finished thi…