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I May Cry but, I Won't Stop Praying!

When I tell you I have been WRAPPED IN THE WORD this month, sheesh. Every sermon has been about ‘Preparing for Your Next’, ‘Get Ready for This or That’ so I have been deliberate about just being open. Martin said lets go to this bible study at this woman from my jobs house. Typically, I would have said. 'Wait, how well do you know these people?' But I didn’t I just went. Randomly, a girl at church, who I barely knew, just started telling me that I should join this prayer circle for 40days. Typically, I would have said, 'let me pray on that' but I didn’t I just told her yes and got the book the same day. Seriously this month alone my family and I partnered to do a fast with my churchI began the 90 day Bible ChallengeI began the 40 day ‘Draw the circle’ prayer journeyI completed a 5 day devotional Every prayer, devotional someones sends I've been reading it
I’ve been wrapped in HIS word. I mean, I’ve been praying! Then today, The last day of our fast and the 19th …