I May Cry but, I Won't Stop Praying!

   When I tell you I have been WRAPPED IN THE WORD this month, sheesh. Every sermon has been about ‘Preparing for Your Next’, ‘Get Ready for This or That’ so I have been deliberate about just being open. Martin said lets go to this bible study at this woman from my jobs house. Typically, I would have said. 'Wait, how well do you know these people?' But I didn’t I just went. Randomly, a girl at church, who I barely knew, just started telling me that I should join this prayer circle for 40days. Typically, I would have said, 'let me pray on that' but I didn’t I just told her yes and got the book the same day. Seriously this month alone
  • my family and I partnered to do a fast with my church
  • I began the 90 day Bible Challenge
  • I began the 40 day ‘Draw the circle’ prayer journey
  • I completed a 5 day devotional 
  • Every prayer, devotional someones sends I've been reading it

I’ve been wrapped in HIS word. I mean, I’ve been praying! Then today, The last day of our fast and the 19th day of circling my prayers, My Uncle Passed. 

WOW, so that’s what all of this has been about? I found out a lil while ago my uncle was sick and given a short time to live. Honestly, each time I agreed to do another devotion it was with him in mind. I kept saying ‘ If I’m praying every day of His life, it’s only right because He is fighting each day for his life’ 

Well, I can’t believe you lost the fight Uncle How. I won’t believe it. I believe God is using your life, to prove that even in pain, even when we don’t get what we want when we want it. We still trust him, glorify him and praise him.

                     Our prayers don’t die when we do. God answers them forever.
                                                                                                            -Draw the Circle

I’m utterly heart broken for my family. I’m selfishly upset that someone who believed in me won’t see some of the things I promised him. That’s because I’m human. But, I’m a Christian and Lord, although you slay me yet will I trust you. 

I know enough to know some things must happen for God’s promise to come to pass. Your ways are not our ways father. You have the full picture when we simply see a portion. Without seeking understanding, I will surrender and simply glory in triublation knowing that you are close to those who mourn. Be the comforter you are to my family during this time and may the devil know with complete certainty, YOU LORD HAVE WON AGAIN!

Rest in Eternal Peace Uncle How!



  1. My deepest Condolences to you and your family in your time of need.
    ◄ Psalm 30:5 ►
    For his anger endures but for a moment; in his favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning

    Love you missy


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