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Don't settle set standards

I use to think Actors were paid liars.. However, I couldn’t draw a direct correlation because I am the most honest person I know! Yet I’m an Actress. However in studying acting I’ve learned that Acting is actually the most vulnerable career anyone could pursue. You are expected to deal in fictional circumstances how you would deal in real life. Which requires honesty with yourself that not very many people can fathom and once u begin studying to break down certain emotional barriers it’s hard to segment them in other facets of life.
For example: look in the mirror and ask yourself out loud.
How do I feel? And the first thing that comes to your mind say it and keep asking your self how do I feel and answering. Don’t think about it, just feel and keep going with a constant stream of conscious. And after a few min. tell me if you didn’t bust out crying, lol..
It forces you to acknowledge YOUR truth. Ever have a feeling in the pit of your stomach but try to disregard the urgent desire …

What's with the Superman Complex?

I started dating a 16. I was also living alone at 16. Not to mention School, Work and Fashion show practice. From early on I took on a great deal of responsibility. I started working at 11 for crying out loud, not because my mom made me, I just felt capable. Growing up it was nothing to walk in the house and see Diddy (that’s my mom) on a ladder, painting. I guess that’s why I’ve never been one to sit around and expect others to do something I knew I was competent enough to handle.
In a casual conversation I think I learned something I’ve been trying to figure out since I started dating..
What gives someone (a woman) the natural ability to have faith in someone else’s ability( a man) ?  I mean total faith that this person will come thru and make decisions that are consistently mutually beneficial. Well, in that sentence lies the answer…  but I’ll get back to that ;-)
 I’ve cohabitated but I’ve never moved in w/ someone else and I’ve noticed in relationships, when the trashcan is fu…

I've always been hard headed

It’s 1:40am and the only way I can attempt to stop the tears is to pour this ‘revelation’, I just received, on to paper. This is definitely going to be my shortest, most honest blog entry.
Dear God,
I just realized that Last August you forced me away from something that once meant nearly everything to me and This past August again you forced me away from something that once meant nearly everything to me.. I don’t need another August to understand the message your sending. You’re a jealous God and you sent me the message loud and clear last Sunday and it hit me but didn’t sit in my spirit until just this very second
Seek first God and his kingdom and he will give you the desires of your heart
Or in the words of my Bishop “If you chase God as you have chased that job, that man, that car, that woman, that house.. He will give you the job, man, car, woman, or house that you don’t have to chase”
My God you are stretching me and it hurts..  But, I know Lord that my Faith w…