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There are several ways to read the title of this entry and most likely depending on where YOU are, you have your own idea or implication of where this entry is going.However, I wanna preface this by saying, it’s probably not what you think ,lol..
Now Beyonce (I love her) had the song out what maybe last summer, saying“ thank God I found the Good, in Goodbye” and trust me, I got that! I understood that and I resonated with, that lol. However this entry is about
“ TheGOOD that you must say BYE to”
Not every relationship will end with a painfully obvious reason as to why it’s ending. In fact the ones that don’t end with the, “im glad u left him/her” ending are the ones that actually hurt the most or tend to linger longer than they should.
Basically, what I’m saying is, There is some GOOD that you will still need to say BYE to. Just because the job is GOOD doesn’t mean it’s where yoursuppose to be, just because he/she are GOOD people doesn’t mean they are meant for you. Hopefully, throu…

'The Alchemist'

Atleast twice a year I have an overwhelming desire to re-read 'The Alchemist'. It's typically when I realize how pursuing my destiny is costing me my life. Anyway, if you've followed my blog or if we communicate on FB or Twitter I'm sure you've heard me speak of 'The Alchemist' well, I'm on it again, lol.. If you've never read it, it's life changing, read it!

When I feel like i'm in a vital transition and God is really moving me to a new level, I tend to read heavy scripture. Now, I read the word everyday but in times of trial, honey sometimes I get to a place where i just sleep with the bible in the bed, just in case a dream wants to go south on me, lol.. But, no my point is that through times of trial I become distant, I quiet the world around me so that I can hear God's whisper and it usually takes me to a place of seeking his word all day long and 'The Alchemist' is always a book I grab to re read. My copy looks so bad, y…