There are several ways to read the title of this entry and most likely depending on where YOU are, you have your own idea or implication of where this entry is going.  However, I wanna preface this by saying, it’s probably not what you think ,lol..

Now Beyonce (I love her) had the song out what maybe last summer, saying  “ thank God I found the Good, in Goodbye” and trust me, I got that! I understood that and I resonated with, that lol. However this entry is about

                                    “ The  GOOD that you must say BYE to”

Not every relationship will end with a painfully obvious reason as to why it’s ending. In fact the ones that don’t end with the, “im glad u left him/her” ending are the ones that actually hurt the most or tend to linger longer than they should.

Basically, what I’m saying is, There is some GOOD that you will still need to say BYE to. Just because the job is GOOD doesn’t mean it’s where your suppose to be, just because he/she are GOOD people doesn’t mean they are meant for you. Hopefully, through this entry I’ll get through to someone who has been wrecking their brain trying to figure out how someone could say GOODBYE to them when they are a GOOD person or maybe even inspire someone else to understand that just because it’s GOOD doesn’t mean it’s rite.  In fact consider this, It’s not about YOU!

I’m really working to stop myself from trying to figure out what is on someone else’s heart. As an actor it’s a beneficial approach to exercise in every aspect of life. You could literally drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why they didn’t, or why he did, or how come she hasn’t, NONE of that matters nor is it relevant. Yes that was a GOOD role but I maybe just had to say BYE to something GOOD in order to get or make myself available for something great. There are GOOD situations everyday that you have to say BYE to. My last apartment was GOOD but I had to say BYE and I’m actually glad I did, NOW. Saying BYE to something GOOD will create some anxiety or pull on your heart strings, it's only natural but it's also necessary.

It’s all in Faith. You love through Faith. You walk away from, in Faith. You have to have Faith that God is the God of ALL. If your ex was GOOD than you should be expecting GREAT next!  I think we all should have an expecting spirit. As to what we EXPECT God to do in our lives but don’t confuse that with a deserving spirit. Remain meek and humbled and through faith know and fully understand that your job is to simply BE! There are tons of GOOD men out there ladies but that doesn’t mean that the next GOOD man that shows interest in you, is for you. Seek peace and find the GOOD in everyone and in everything and thank GOD for the discernment of GOOD but understand that GOOD doesn’t mean rite.  

Thanks 4 reading, Be blessed friends

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