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Vision over Visuals

This month has been dry. Which in the acting world means very slow! However I can say I was able to check a few very important things off of my to do list.  You know that’s the thing with this career, you will really have to be prepared to invest in yourself even w/out seeing the immediate R.O.I. However, even after experiencing the slowest month I’ve seen in terms of auditions and bookings I’m no further behind than I was last month. Which lets me know go God is making ways.
My Bishop has preached sermons about how you can’t expect others to understand your vision and how he will remove some people and place others in your life who will be apart of your next level.
With that being said one of the most important and vital lessons I’ve learned is that you must market yourself appropriately in this business. So I dedicate the month of October to “Marketing Me” I’d love your feedback on what can make these things better or what you appreciate about them.
*BLOG  My Blog Now reflects the …


Hi guys,
I have had a vision since I began this blog and after relentless efforts, I'm getting closer to bringing it to life. Bare with me as I transition slightly in an attempt to brand myself more appropriately

3K miles to learn dogs Poop everywhere???

I’m originally from Baltimore. However I spent 5 years in NYC and I’m fast approaching year #4 in L.A. (I know crazy, time flies) Before I explain my ”claim” I’m going to provide an example of my pts.

N.Y. When I went to NY with my mother to scope it out, determine where I’d live, etc. we were on 40th and Broadway in the middle of the Columbus Day parade. We had no idea they even held a Columbus Day parade. Nevertheless, we were in the midst of it and it’s thousands of attendees. After being turned around and nearly run over by a few people we saw a cop and with a sigh of relief rushed over to ask for directions.. It went like this
Mom: “ooohhKiva hurry up, ask that cop where 5th ave. is.. “ Me: “Hi excuse me, is there anyway you can point us towar___________”
Yeah, he was gone… He walked away just as we were asking him a question. I didn’t know until I moved to NY that things like that happen. I’ll explain Y later
L.A. One of my first jobs when I moved to L.A. was sales in the designer de…


When I began this blog I mentioned how important it is for me to get your feed back, opinions and feelings. This entry is one of those REALLY important times.
In the acting business it’s honestly not nearly as important how you see yourself as it is detrimental for you to market yourself how you believe others will “buy you, accept you, receive you, believe you etc.”
With that being said
Think of your favorite TV shows
Think of your favorite commercial
Now look at my head shots and think about me in the extent to which you know me (if you don't know me, even better ;-) 
Can YOU see ME playing any role in particular?

Ex:  *Can you see me working at McDonald's in a McDonald's commercial? *Could you see me as a customer in a walmart commercial? *Can you see me playing the girl friend, wife , daughter, or coworker on you fav. Sitcom? *Could you see me playing a young mom? Or could you see me playing a college student?
When I ask these questions I want you to take into consideration if…