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Pity Party 4 one Please

Since completing my first full time year in this business I am beginning to notice the Eb and flow of things.. What months are slow, which ones are a little more consistent in which areas, etc. However, one thing I've learned to do is, during those slow months when ur inventing new ways to create opportunities it’s also detrimental to celebrate what you’ve done. Whenever it’s slow I look for previously shot ads that I haven’t seen yet, Images from photogs that can complete something in my book, nail down some lose ends w/ a project that I still need to add finishing touches on, edit a marketing tool I currently have.. Basically try to perfect and bring together some of the lose ends that would typically remain lose if you didn’t have time to police the photogs, ad companies etc. .. Well what do you do when it seems like all of those things are stagnant as well?
Damn! I thought Oct was suppose to pick up. Saturday I re-organized and updated my cork board and the fact that I’m not …

NEW HEAD SHOTS w/ Moha Photo

Whenever I have a great experience shooting with a photog, I can't wait to blog about it.
This shoot was FAST (no, I mean really fast) EFFICIENT and FUN.  Molly (the fab female photog) is extremely easy to work with, personable and has an amazing eye. I sent images over to my NEW commercial agents immediately upon receiving them and within 5min, I had a response and they LOVED the shots..  Here are a few of the images Molly and I created.. I'd love to hear your thoughts

To see add'tl work from the photog or to contact her for pricing and add'tl info click either of the below links and tell her I sent you

Photog: MOLLY  MM#2186807

Thanx 4 reading
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I'm a Pusher

Walking home from elementary school one day I saw a couple on the steps. The female was busting a bump on the males face. The guy said “Hey lil Tanya” He obviously knew my older sister.. However, my first thought was eeww, how does she know him.. Well, later that day, She and I walked past the same house and he was walking inside.. It was a friend of hers she grew up with that was now on drugs and so was his girlfriend, “the step estitician”. For some reason that vision is always in my head.  The idea of a couple who are both strung out on drugs. It forces me to think if it’s in fact the whole Adam and Eve dilemma.. For instance, did the drugs make her feel so good that she had to convince him to try and to prove his love for her or perhaps to protect his ego and not look like a coward, did he try em and now they are both among the falling society of drug addicts? Now, i’ve never been able to understand what makes someone say I’m going to try drugs for the first time. However, that A…

Is Social Media the devil in relationships?

I could take a # of positions on this one but, I'd rather address the 'meat and potatoes'. You KNOW the nature of your man and men you KNOW your woman. You know from the door whether or not he/she has the proclivity to be inconsiderate. Therefore, instead of arguing yay or nay I’m gonna have fun and categorize types of mates and what is necessary to keep the social media dilemmas at bay in your relationships.  (This is gonna be fun)
Comedian Joey Wells has a joke about women complimenting their men. I’m not going to mess it up but he basically says when a man isn’t use to hearing a compliment it does something to him. But, when he knows he’s celebrated at home, when a skank compliments him, he can brush it off and recognize her skankiness.
POINT: keep in mind everything I am saying applies to both men and women Everyone enjoys attention, some more than others. The courting part of the relationship is very much when we fall in love. When you are already in the midst of y…