Is Social Media the devil in relationships?

 I could take a # of positions on this one but, I'd rather address the 'meat and potatoes'. You KNOW the nature of your man and men you KNOW your woman. You know from the door whether or not he/she has the proclivity to be inconsiderate. Therefore, instead of arguing yay or nay I’m gonna have fun and categorize types of mates and what is necessary to keep the social media dilemmas at bay in your relationships.  (This is gonna be fun)

Comedian Joey Wells has a joke about women complimenting their men. I’m not going to mess it up but he basically says when a man isn’t use to hearing a compliment it does something to him. But, when he knows he’s celebrated at home, when a skank compliments him, he can brush it off and recognize her skankiness.

POINT: keep in mind everything I am saying applies to both men and women
Everyone enjoys attention, some more than others. The courting part of the relationship is very much when we fall in love. When you are already in the midst of your relationship that admiration is expressed in different ways.

 Like instead of the cute ‘thinking about you’ text message, it’s ‘I rolled up the windows on ya car when I left out because it was suppose to rain’, lol. Now, in a relationship it’s important to always ‘inspire the butterflies’ but you also have to know your partners love language.  Everyone needs to be validated in different ways. From my experience, I know most of mens concerns come from a place of EGO.. So as his woman you have to be prepared to protect his ego. However, guys have a tendency to pull the “baby but YOU and I know what we got” card when it comes to other women. I could go on 4ever w/ that but since people do NOT respect relationships as they should, that concept just isn’t enough some times. Personally I never want to be caught slipping. I tend to date guys that like the no make up look. So it’s natural hair, no make up, no need to put on heels.. But, then we are out and I’m looking like ‘holly hobby’ and here comes 8lbs of Indian hair, Mac facelift face, and 5”heels saying hello to you and you grinning.(really dude? all those teeth showing,lol) Personally I don't need to be showered w/ compliments but when a chick rolls up you sure better act like you have the prize pig on your arm, lmao. Now when it comes to Social Media you have to KNOW WHAT U HAVE IN A MATE! 

There is a woman who will check emails, vm’s, twitter, fb, etc. etc.  With, or without just cause and that women is Basketball Wife- She isn’t leaving, even if she finds something, yet she’s consumed with finding something because she knows there is something missing in the relationship and if she catches something than she can get more of what she already has but knows she will never have a fairytale. I.e.: gifts

There is a woman who will never question anything you do until you do something or fail to do something, that doesn’t seem typical for you. And u will wake up something in her that she didn’t know exist. She’s the Lawyer, she’s going to ask you straight up and based on how you offer up or chose to not offer up information, she will proceed with investigation and bags will be packed with out you knowing, until she’s gone.

There is a woman who is so happy to have, even half, a man that she will overlook and under look and look over everything. She’s the desperate housewife; she’s consumed with image and from the beginning lost herself in you and has no idea how to make herself happy without having you.

There is a woman who won’t ask because she doesn’t want you, to begin asking about what’s she’s doing. We’re gonna call her Jaimie cause “she just like me”


Now no woman is always the same woman her entire life.  She has at some pt. been at least 2 or 3 of the descriptions..  So you have to know where she is now, since you are with her NOW.

Social Media isn’t going anywhere, so just learn HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HOME even on the INTERNET

Basketball Wives: This chick wants to be your profile picture, your background picture, your bio, your status and also the 1st one you mention in the morning and the last one you mention at nite. She seeks validation through other people’s perception. You prob. shouldn’t even use FB or Twitter with this kind of chick, cause it’s always going to be something. She is messaging every chick your friends with. “Random Chick: Good morning, tommy! Basketball Wife: What the eff u mean good morning?” lmbo

Lawyer: She demands respect so she’s going to expect you to take initiative to nip things in the bud, to mention her when appropriate. She will respect your space but expect to have a place in every aspect of your life. So you should be prepared to mention her in clever lil lose ways even if you don’t often say her name. Make her presence known because after all she knows there is someone else who will. So if you don’t she will prob. test you, so you won’t 4get what u have but she will never disrespect you. She will ask you 4 what she wants only once and based on your response a seed will be planted.

Desperate Housewife:
She will expect to have your couples picture as your profile and each time she musters up the nerve to mention something shady she saw on your page, you can easily flip it on her, not trusting you and she will apologize, until next time, lol.

Jaimie: deals in private messages and DM’s. This chick will always be on your page lurking because each time she finds something you give her ammunition.  She knows your password the day you change it. She seeks validation from the attention she thinks she deserves from you but doesn’t know how to require it from you. She’s not above creeping if she thinks something better has come along.

No Sugar: Social Media is apart of our lives. It creates unnecessary headaches but it also can catalyst the inevitable break up, lol. Know, who your dating and expect them to act according to WHO they are. If he has a roaming eye and has cheated in the past why do you expect him to be faithful on the Internet, STOP IT!  You owe every relationship 100% of yourself and when you can’t give that, you need to leave. When you can’t expect that from your partner, you need to leave. There will always be things ‘OF’ the world and your relationship needs to be 'IN' the world but not 'OF' the world. If it’s built on the rite foundation it won’t fall when the storms come. I say flirt w/ your mate on the Internet like other chicks will, put the profile pics up that u know he likes, send a DM as if ur a stranger, but most importantly don't attempt to make someone who they aren't. If God is the center of ur union, than the 'devil' never had a chance.

As always THANK so much for reading

“The proof is in the Sacrifice”




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