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You're Fighting the Wrong Battle

The past few weeks I’ve been obsessed w/ the song SMILE by Tasha Cobbs but it wasn’t until this moment that I realized why God has placed this song in my spirit.
In living and simply speaking to others about life & relationship I realize how threatened we are by the potential of being hurt. At the first sign of ‘potential hurt’ we go into ‘protect me’ mode. You know God just cant trust us w/ too much information because we assume the responsibility of protecting what HE gave us. So we FIGHT! We fight in relationship because we want to hold on, We fight in our careers because success isn’t an option it’s His promise. I’m laughing as I’m typing because I can’t believe how much HE set me free in this moment.
I want my career to succeed. God you called me to do this, so I can’t NOT succeed. SO I FIGHT.
I want my relationship to succeed, God you told me this was my helpmate, so when an old proclivity threatens it, or when he makes a selfish decision, or when I feel the partnership …