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Hey Guys,  I'm beyond thrilled to share that my next television appearance will be 

Soooo this coming Sunday please check out CSI Cyber on CBS. I play Connie Abbott and my character is introduced within the first few minutes of the episode. So if you're late, you'll miss me ;-)
Most importantly when I share news about the 'fruits of my labor' I want so desperately for you to understand that this business is about 3% of what it seems. My daily efforts are ALL in consideration of my end game perspective. I want to make God famous! I pray that when people see my success their response is 'I want to know her God.' Furthermore, being on assignment and being obedient doesn't exempt us from daily struggles. As I entered the CBS lot for my fitting for this very episode, I received a text that one of childhood friends was murdered. I have never compartmentalize so much as I did in this one week. There was a perfect storm of soooo much happening, good and bad. M…