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Wait that's me

I had an audition on Monday which meant I needed to have my hair done. My hair has not been cooperating as of late. So I went to a Beauty Supply Store I use to frequent in my Weave and Wig days. I found a wig and as I walked over to try it on, beside the station was

I'm not sure I'll ever get 'use to' seeing myself in ads or on television.
This business is such a challenge that it MAKES you appreciate every ad that actually gets printed, every commercial that actually airs, every scene that actually makes it to final edit. You see I've learned you can audition and be placed on hold but get released. You can shoot a project and it NEVER airs. You can shoot a project and just YOUR part is edited out. You can do tons of photo shoots and never see the images or how/where they were used.  So I have learned to appreciate each step of this journey. To be CONTENT with the resume I have currently built for wherever you are today, you may never be again. And it's for a …