Life of an Artist

If you are an artist (in every and any sense of the word) expect to be consumed without payment, desired without deposit, Admired without appreciation, Loved without commitment. There is absolutely not way to place a price on that which you share from the depths of who you are. What you do, you do from a souls yearning to pour out; from a desperate need to feed. You will never get enough likes, enough downloads, enough shares, a contract big enough, an opportunity unique enough, a timeline without delay. Like a car that depreciates the moment it leaves the lot, so is the expiration clock of what you finally produced. Whether it took your 10 years, 2months, 1week, or an instant upload, you poured out and you must be filled up. Word to the wise, pour out from your overflow never from your reserve.

Leave em in AWE
Nikiva Dionne

Platform 4 a Purpose

The blog is mainly still active because I genuinely believe that someone is/will/has been inspired by it. When I began acting I quickly learned that it is about 10% of what it actually looks like, lol. I've made a conscious effort since day one to offer 'my' accurate depiction of this business and what it requires.

    Recently I was blessed to be in a room with some of the most influential people in the business. I went to an Emmy event and I felt like, African Americans were not only grossly under represented but those who were present, a number of them, were OK with that. Now, that is a huge 'assumption' but here is why I felt that way. If you are a minority and you attend a predominately Caucasian University, the moment you see another minority you inadvertently 'light up' like a Christmas tree.  Whether the relationship with you and your 'kindred complected person' evolves is irrelevant; I'm speaking solely in regards to the initial …


Yes, it is official! I suck at blogging; It's to the point where I forget I even have a blog. I'm so sorry because there are some loyal people who actually use to enjoy my post. Just know, whenever I have something really good say, I'll always come back here to say it, lol. 
As of today, i'm just  here to share something funny that I've created. I've been struggling to create a 1 min series that represents all that I am. As you know, IG allows 1min. videos and pictures just aren't enough for me. If I post a picture than my caption is a year long, lol. 
However, I thank God for this creative download, I hope you enjoy it!
I will post Insta-Therapy sessions with all of your 'favorite friends' on IG. You know, the ones that do dumb stuff, the ones that know everything, the ones that aren't invited but are just there to Lurk. All of them!! lol 
Here is SESSION 1 'IssaBecky'

If you aren't …

What Have I Let LA Do To ME?

Last week I did what God told me to do. I cast my net further. I know it's a vague statement, that's what I thought when God first required me to write it down then to say it out loud. That's how God talks to me, he requires me to write it first than speak it. In college I simply needed to go to class, take notes and when it was time for an exam I would simply rewrite my notes and that was studying for me. Today, I have a to do list for the week, for each day, a monthly business plan, I could continue. Point is, once I write it...

   So at the beginning of 2017, just before finishing my vision board, God said 'Cast your net further.' I said, uhmm ok and I added it on my vision board. Then in January my pastor has began saying that our church has a 'Global Mandate', I heard him but I mean, what did that mean for me?

  In the wake of a 'slow' season of work I got in covenant with God in a new way. Something that was revealed was that the Global …


Hey guys,

Happy Monday!!

So Pilot season 2017 is over.  As a newer actress, pilot season isn't 'for me' just yet. What I mean by that is, I use pilot season as a time to identify the appetite of the industry along with assessing my immediate and long term goals.  I decided to shoot with the super talented Photos by Jamaal again.  My team weren't requesting shots but I noticed a void in my tools and asked Jamaal to capture some very specific looks for me. Below are just a couple!

These shots make me so happy because they are soooo KIVA. Jamaal is so easy to shoot with, so detailed oriented that I could relax and not worry that he understood my vision yet he is so laid back that he makes the environment so easy to let go and create. Prior to this shoot I hadn't EVER used my natural curls in my head shots, I'd tried but I'd never liked the images until now. I adore these shots and so does my team.

I'm nervous to post the head shots we did with red lipstick…


Hey guys,

I know, I know I don't blog as often as I use to I think Instagram is to blame, lol. But if you're reading this, thank you for being loyal to this blog and I have some new news!! Well 'newish' lol

STREAMING NOW on AMAZON PRIME the 2nd and Final season of HAND OF GOD and I'm honored to be in the SERIES FINALE EPISODE!

I will never forget booking this job, I cried like a baby. Each year my very thoughtful friends and family begin asking me what my birthday plans are and, since becoming an actor, I always respond by saying 'Hopefully I'll be working'. Listen it only sounds odd if you aren't an actor lol. We don't work everyday but we work everyday. What I mean is, I can literally count the number of days I'm on set each year. So Last year, like years prior, I prayed for work and God said YES when I booked this beautiful role just days before my birthday. I play Patterson a Med School drop out turned crime world underground medical go…


Hey Guys, 
Happy New Year and Happy NEW SERIES!!!
Some of you guys may remember a skit series I created, when I first began acting, entitled  Definitely Not The 1
Well we repackaged the series, re shot the original episodes, shot NEW episodes and they are STREAMING NOW  on a brand new platform called MACXdigital
Click the link below to watch episodes!
Official Series Trailer!
Please be sure to follow  @dnt1series and @nikivadionne so you don't miss an episode, BTS footage or any of the promo videos we had such a great time shooting!
New Episodes are released every other THURSDAY!
ohhh, if you want to know what that extremely dope song is playing in the trailer it's SABI singing her track 'ONE' which is the title track for the  Definitely Not The 1 series!
Special thank you to everyone who watches, shares and gives me their feedback. I created, wrote, directed and starred in this series and your support truly means the world to m…