What Have I Let LA Do To ME?

     Last week I did what God told me to do. I cast my net further. I know it's a vague statement, that's what I thought when God first required me to write it down then to say it out loud. That's how God talks to me, he requires me to write it first than speak it. In college I simply needed to go to class, take notes and when it was time for an exam I would simply rewrite my notes and that was studying for me. Today, I have a to do list for the week, for each day, a monthly business plan, I could continue. Point is, once I write it...

   So at the beginning of 2017, just before finishing my vision board, God said 'Cast your net further.' I said, uhmm ok and I added it on my vision board. Then in January my pastor has began saying that our church has a 'Global Mandate', I heard him but I mean, what did that mean for me?

  In the wake of a 'slow' season of work I got in covenant with God in a new way. Something that was revealed was that the Global mandate for my church home and the cast your net further direction I received were linked. Still, God only gives me pieces but I remember a time when just a piece of the puzzle was enough; I would run with, just a quote!

Anyway, I realize in this moment the very reason it's slow, is because God will dry up provision in certain places when it's time to move on. Remember the manna stopped in the wilderness. But if you don't have anyone around you, encouraging you to push past your normal, will you?

  I miss New York! I miss New York because of the Nikiva it required me to be. There was no time to get comfortable, everything moved fast and if you weren't moving fast as well, than now you have to catch up. That same 'corporate energy' that required you to stay in beast mode in New York is the opposite ' corporate energy' in LA that says, this is what we do, you're doing well, doing more is going to make others uncomfortable. So it's like everyone wants to make you comfortable where you are. I'm so uncomfortable with that. I don't have one person in my life saying, Kiva you can and you need to do more. But guess what, God said it! He said it when I prayed for direction in December as I made my vision board. He said it through my pastor with His global mandate for the flock that God called me to be apart of. He said it, yet his word wasn't enough! There was a time when I would run with just a quote! It's not LA's fault, honey I've grown tired. lol It's very uncomfortable to push and work so hard and still struggle to make a living within your purpose. So all of the energy you're exerting than makes you honor what you have because you're afraid to lose the ground you've covered. But wait, what I have isn't enough so why am I being loyal to dysfunction? I'm working hard but I'm not seeing the fruit. So why didn't I run with the word God gave me at the top of the year?

     I encourage you to accept the WORD as enough! To know that He will not leave you or forsake you, that He will provide streams in the wilderness, that no weapon formed against you shall proposer, that He will make your name great, etc. etc. Imagine what God could do through you if all He had to give you was a word and He knew you would run with it! Moreover, I don't have to be in New York to be the best version of Kiva. In fact, I'm a better version of Kiva now, than I ever was. But, I do have to surround myself with people who love me, who will encourage me but who will also see the greatness on my life and require me to constantly take steps even before I know exactly where those steps will lead. There is a boldness that God is calling His children into. Be strong and very courageous, He has already delivered what you desire into your hands, go forth and possess the land. Cast Your Net Further!

Leave em in AWE

Nikiva Dionne


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