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Just as Jesus- I too have a cross

Imagine This!

Your carrying a cross just as Jesus Christ has!
You have a vision for what you want out of life: The family, the career, the security, the success, the happiness.

  Now Imagine you see all of those things sprinkled along a yellow brick road that leads to the top of a hill where the last piece of your vision is situated. However the last piece just as all the rest are blurry. You don’t know how long it will take to reach each one and exactly what the next one will be but you know they are on this road that’s rite in front of you. You know u have this cross to carry, but you see your promise so you start out on your journey of becoming, in spite of your cross.

  Along the way your cross gets heavier. You realize that it's weighed down by decisions you’ve made or life’s experiences that have occurred. Your cross may carry the lies you’ve told, Or those things you’ve stolen, or the loved one you lost, or the sickness you have, or the broken heart that wont heal, or the …

Hi Guys,  Check out the below screen grab from a hair ad I shot back in September 10'. I never received images from this shoot and a friend from high school was on the Internet and saw this ad. Needless to say this was such a pleasant surprise. I had so much faith in that photo shoot because we shot with such an amazing studio. I remember like yesterday, this was the first shoot I had after quitting my full time job. Maybe that's why it turned out so good. I was HAPPY! lol... I simply adore this image and wanted to share it with you guys.. Tell me what you think and buy your hair from the site

Thank so much for your continued support. This grind gets lonely and I look forward to you guys love
"The proof is in the sacrifice" NIKIVA DIONNE


I could not be more excited about my theatrical debut here in Los Angeles. This Mothers Day weekend come out to see me at Stage 52 in the Darryl James production 

We have a dynamic cast and we were blessed with an "Actors Director" in Darryl James. Darryl allowed US to bring each character to life. He has been nothing short of supportive and encouraging in giving us this beautiful story to connect and mold however we saw fit. Through Our rehearsal process we've seen each other develop and evolve into these characters and relationships and I can't wait for you guys to see this piece on stage. Love In A Day this Mothers Day Weekend!!!
Thanks again for your continued support
"The proof is in the sacrifice" NIKIVA DIONNE
PS: That's me on the left...ppaahhh,lol