Just as Jesus- I too have a cross

Imagine This!

Your carrying a cross just as Jesus Christ has!

You have a vision for what you want out of life:
The family, the career, the security, the success, the happiness.

  Now Imagine you see all of those things sprinkled along a yellow brick road that leads to the top of a hill where the last piece of your vision is situated. However the last piece just as all the rest are blurry. You don’t know how long it will take to reach each one and exactly what the next one will be but you know they are on this road that’s rite in front of you. You know u have this cross to carry, but you see your promise so you start out on your journey of becoming, in spite of your cross.

  Along the way your cross gets heavier. You realize that it's weighed down by decisions you’ve made or life’s experiences that have occurred. Your cross may carry the lies you’ve told, Or those things you’ve stolen, or the loved one you lost, or the sickness you have, or the broken heart that wont heal, or the relationship you are attempting to hold on to or maybe even the kids, or the criminal record you now have, or your prev. addiction, or it may be the short cuts you took that are catching up with you…etc etc

Now ask yourself this. 
Is my cross to heavy to carry when I know Gods promises are promised?

With this entry I just simply want you to ACCEPT!

  Everyone has a cross to carry. Each of us have things that burden us that others may never know or understand and it’s not our life’s mission to make others understand the cross we carry. We must move towards Gods vision no matter who doubts us as a result of the cross we bare.  In fact the sooner you accept the weight that has been placed on you, the sooner you will feel a relief. The sooner you stop judging others for the weight they carry, the sooner you will be released from yours. The sooner you get on with your journey despite the burdens you carry, the closer you are to receiving everything he has promised you. And the sooner you understand that life occurs in Gods perfect plan, order and structure you can let go and allow God to move you from places and people and situations that you have now outgrown.

  Last week I found myself not only dealing with my own cross but also being so saddened by the cross that my friends and love ones carry. I was burdened because I felt myself losing to my cross, I heard my friends losing to theirs as well.

Society says Career, Marriage, 2.5kids and a dog and when you were a kid you said Married at 25, rich by 30 etc.

  However, there is no perfect time to find love. You won’t meet your wife once your financially stable and your career has secured itself. She may be just 1mile away when everything else you want is still in another city that you haven’t even reached yet. Don’t pass her by because you don’t think it’s the rite time. You may not find the perfect job because you need it rite now. God knows your needs and he supplies them. That may be the last piece of your puzzle, in God’s plan for you. Imagine if you keep asking him for it and he gives it to you before your ready. That could mean the end of your life. Don’t make the man in your life the man ‘of’ your life when he isn’t supposed to be. Most of that weight on your cross is because you are dragging him through territory he doesn’t belong in.  Let him Go and trust that God would not JUST GIVE YOU THAT MAN!  He isn’t a ‘just or only’ god

And simply ACCEPT! 

  Accept the person you are with everything that is on your cross. ACCEPT IT! Decide to move WITH IT and know that as you move there weight will lessen. Know that as you move not all of them will move with you. Don’t be afraid to let go as your letting go could cause you to grow. Faith is, an in spite of premise. Don’t settle for where you think you should be rite now; aspire to where Gods vision is.

  Jesus carried his cross to his death because he knew in dyeing he would receive eternal life. If you know you’ll receive God’s promise than CARRY YOUR CROSS. Yes, you may have burdens you think are heavier than others but you have to imagine that if that’s the case than your rewards will be that much greater.

No Sugar: Live life as if you’re carrying your cross to Gods Promise. Know that everything that is burdening you should not hold you longer than 3DAYS. Release the feelings of defeat and 'woe is me' after three days, because on the 3rd day he rose and you must as well.

Chile I have a cross but, I wear it well! 

“There is no GROWTH in the comfort zone and no COMFORT in the growth zone”

Thanks for reading



  1. You just took me to church girl. Love it... more please

  2. LOL.. u silly.. Thanx for reading BJ- my fellow blogger.. u know how much it means to me


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